May 26, 2011

Round Up: Valley Stream Target Workers Stand Strong for Better Jobs

Workers at the Valley Stream Target in New York recently came together to organize a union at their store, in order to address issues they're facing, including not getting enough hours to make ends meet (or, as Gawker put it: "The workers would like to work enough hours to survive, please."). Now that a majority of the workers at the Valley Stream store have said they want to join UFCW Local 1500, they are preparing for an election in the coming weeks. In their words:
We love Target. But Target has not treated us fairly. They need to change their view of the associates. When they grow, we should share in that growth. But despite record earnings, management 'Expects More, Pays Less.' 
To hear a little more about the workers' efforts to organize, Target's reaction, and the stakes of the campaign, take a minute to listen to this great radio segment from WYNC, featuring Crain's reporter Danny Massey, who has been following the campaign since its early stages.

The Valley Stream workers have been standing strong in the face of incredible pressure from Target and its corporate allies (for more details, take a look at this American Rights at Work blog post on how Target is starting to look more and more like Walmart). The UFCW is proud to stand with these workers and support them as they seek to join UFCW Local 1500. To show your support for the Target workers, you can like the Target Change page on Facebook.

Bonus track: here's an ad that was set to run in Times Square this week, but was banned at the last minute by CBS:

Why is CBS so afraid to let a pro-worker ad run on its Times Square jumbotron? Do you think it's OK for big corporations to be in the business of censoring workers' voices?


UPDATE: Since Gawker published its post on the Valley Stream workers' efforts to organize, they've been hearing from Target workers around the country about how tough it is to work at Target and the vicious anti-union campaign the company is waging. One worker's account of the unsafe conditions at his workplace led him to conclude, "Target NEEDS to unionize." Check out the full story here - and if you're a Target workers, click through to the Gawker post to share your story!

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could someone e-mail me a flyer concerning the union being organized by the valley stream target: thanks.