Jun 8, 2011

Next Week in Minneapolis: UFCW President Joe Hansen Joins Netroots Nation Keynote on the Attack on America’s Middle Class and the Plan to Fight Back

We’re witnessing the fruition of a decades-long plan by conservatives in Washington to undercut the progressive movement by destroying its foundation: labor unions. After decades of successfully diminishing the power of private sector unions, the right wing is now coming after public employee unions. From Wisconsin to Ohio, Republican legislators are taking aim at public sector unions as a means to their political ends. As they attempt to destroy the bedrock of progressive infrastructure, the middle class gets weakened and income disparity continues to grow.

After years of playing defense, progressives are ready to take the fight to the other side. Americans of all walks are angry, loud and organized to retain collective bargaining as the bedrock of the middle class and to expand the power of working people. Why are public sector workers bearing the brunt of this attack, and what is next? What will become of the middle class if we are not able to repel conservatives bent on destroying labor unions? How can we continue to fight for workers even as more states try to strip away our right to collectively bargain? And how can progressive activists stand up for and with the middle class against corporations who are attempting to buy our government?

UFCW International President and Change to Win Chair Joe Hansen will join an impressive panel of speakers to address these questions and more, at the Saturday morning keynote at Netroots Nation in Minneapolis next week. President Hansen will speak alongside Sen. Al Franken, AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer Lee Saunders, Wisconsin Education Association Council President Mary Bell, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, and economist Bob Kuttner. The panel, moderated by Ari Melber of The Nation, starts at 9:00 AM on Saturday, June 18. It's a discussion you can't afford to miss!

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