Jul 13, 2011

Wisconsin Voters Reject "Fake" Democrats

Six "fake" Democratic candidates were solidly defeated in the Wisconsin primary elections yesterday.

“The voters of Wisconsin have rejected the Republicans’ dirty tricks, despite their best efforts to turn out voters in these primaries for fake candidates,” said Democratic Party spokeswoman Gillian Morris.

The state GOP openly acknowledged from the start that the "protest" candidates were little more than elephants-in-donkeys' clothing designed to delay the real recall elections.

Angered by the recent attacks on working people by Governor Walker and his cronies, Wisconsin voters pulled together enough signatures to trigger recall elections against six Republican state senators eligible for recall. In response, Republicans launched “protest” candidates in each primary, postponing the general elections from yesterday to Aug. 9 and giving Republican candidates more time to campaign.

The stakes in the upcoming elections are huge. If the Democrats gain three seats, they will take majority control away from the Republicans and be in a position to stop Walker and the GOP's agenda.

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