Aug 29, 2011

Labor economist Alan Kreuger tapped to chair Council of Economic Advisors

President Obama today announced that he's nominating Alan Krueger as chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors. Dr. Kreuger, a labor economist, is a professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton University. His political background includes service as assistant secretary for economic policy and chief economist at the U.S. Department of the Treasury from 2009-2010, and as chief economist at the U.S. Department of Labor from 1994-1995.

 Dr. Krueger’s academic papers have covered a vast array of issues, including the positive economic effect of increasing the minimum wage and the impact of unemployment on out-of-work job seekers. He has also written about issues related to education, labor markets and income distribution.

The UFCW is excited to see how Krueger's background in the economic issues facing workers will impact the administration's work on job creation in the coming months. The fact that he knows raising the minimum wage doesn't increase unemployment is a good start!

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