Oct 6, 2011

Union Members Occupy Wall Street for Good Jobs

Yesterday, union members joined the ranks of those Occupying Wall Street in a stand against the insidious corporate greed that has infiltrated our democracy and eroded our jobs, our health care, our economy, and our way of life. 

Protesters gathered in Zuccotti Square and marched approximately one mile north to Foley Square where they joined with members from the RWDSU/UFCW and other labor unions. From Foley Square, the crowd marched side by side descending on Wall Street shouting “We are the 99%.”

Worker productivity has been rising over the past decade, but wages have remained stagnant while the cost of health care has sky-rocketed, leaving the average American struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile, the gap between the richest 1% and the rest of us has gotten even wider as corporate fat cats pocket the profits that should be going to build good jobs. 

We’ve heard from the Occupy Wall Street folks that they are currently low on food. You can help out by ordering from local businesses or sending care packages. Please try to focus on vegan and vegetarian options with some meat options since we don’t want our vegetarian brothers and sisters to go hungry.

Send care packages and other supplies to this address:

118A Fulton st #205
New York, NY, 10038
Non perishable, no checks (money orders okay), any size package okay

Official Occupy Wall Street page: http://occupywallst.org/
Looking for events in your city? Check out MeetUp.com or find events on Facebook.

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