Jan 19, 2012

Governor Mitch Daniels Abandons his Pledge to Workers

Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana has spent the better part of the last three weeks strongly advocating divisive Right-to-Work legislation in Indiana. Indiana Republican leaders declared it their top legislative priority and Governor Daniels has walked hand-in-hand with them, vigorously championing the measure.

Governor Daniels’ support of this legislation is particularly troubling because it’s something he claimed for years he would never pursue. In 2006, during a speech at the Teamsters 135 Union Stewards Dinner, Governor Daniels said, “I'm a supporter of the labor laws we have in the state of Indiana. I'm not interested in changing any of them. Not the prevailing wage law and certainly not a right to work law. We can succeed in Indiana with laws we have respecting the rights of labor and free and fair competition for everybody.” Why the change of heart, Governor? Watch the video.

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sheila said...

You know politics,They say but really do not mean a thing. Hope we guys should really vote for the right person before giving them the chance in that seat or suffer the consequences.

Sheila from faire une pelouse