Jan 30, 2012

Workers Have a Right to Stick Together

Workers sticking together - it's at the very base of everything we do and everything we stand for. Which is why we were so thrilled to read the following this weekend:

UFCW members joyously exercising
their right to stick together
"All Americans should have the basic right to stick together with their co-workers so that they have a voice on the job and a way to counterbalance the unbridled influence of the 1% in our democracy. When politicians attempt to strip away that right, the motivation is partisan politics, not job creation or balanced budgets. And when they succeed, the victory is short-lived. Just ask Ohio Gov. John Kasich."
- American Rights at Work Executive Director Kimberly Freeman Brown

Kimberly Freeman Brown hit the nail on the head with her op-ed in the Journal Sentinel this weekend. The UFCW stands in solidarity with her as she continues to spread the powerful and important truth about the attacks on workers we'e seeing all across the country. Do yourself a favor and take a minute to read the full op-ed - you'll be glad you did.

1 comment:

Jillian said...

Bingo! absolutely true and correct it's really a must. I am not a pro in UNION matters but workers still have a rights to voice out what they need. I don't get employers who don't have a heart on their workers like my job that I am working now. He is not a human you know! Gosh if only I have a choice!


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