Feb 17, 2012

UFCW Congressional Scorecard Released

Knowledge is power. Finding ourselves in an election year that old adage couldn’t be more correct. It’s paramount, this year more than ever before, that voters will be able to walk into the voting booth informed not only of the issues, but of the candidates themselves.

It is with that goal in mind that the UFCW has released its 2011 Congressional Scorecard. The UFCW Congressional scorecard grades each Representative and Senator on the most important votes for workers. Whether it was jobs, workers’ rights, or health care, each Member of Congress was judged on their commitment to America’s working families.

The results are illuminating and give workers a chance to get beyond the campaign rhetoric and see for themselves just how their Representative and Senators voted on key pieces of legislation.

Take a few minutes, find your Members of Congress, and be informed.

The 2011 Congressional Scorecard can be found here.

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April said...

Knowledge is definitely power. It is the most renowned qoute of the Philippines' Walking Encyclopedia, Ernie Baron. You really have the power, just use your knowledge right and god will grant you the power of goodness.

"Alex" for baie vitrée coulissante