Apr 26, 2012

The Nation: New Rules Mean New Hardship for Poultry Workers

A new article from the Nation on the Big Poultry-driven inspection rule recently proposed by the USDA really sums up the part of this issue many in the media have been overlooking. 

UFCW members from around the country
contacted to voice their concerns over worker
safety in the poultry plants

As author Gabriel Thompson puts it:
"The way food safety has dominated this debate highlights how, in a country obsessed with food, we still fail to appreciate the people whose work brings the food to our table. While the government has responded to public demands for better inspection processes, tens of thousands of poultry workers may soon find their already dangerous job becoming much more so, with almost no public debate. We consider a food product safe if it’s something we can feed our children. But what if producing the food does so much damage to the hands of workers that they are unable to hold their own?"
From the outset, UFCW members have voiced deep concerns about the potential of increasing line speed limits to such a breakneck pace - it's good to see this concern getting some attention from the Nation. Take a moment to read Gabriel Thompson's full article here.

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