Apr 3, 2012

Update: NLRB Leaks Invite Congressional Scrutiny

Last week, UFCW President Joe Hansen called on Congress to investigate allegations by the Inspector General that National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Member Terence Flynn engaged repeatedly in improper conduct when he was chief counsel to Member Brian Hayes.

As Joe wrote,
“These are serious allegations and I urge the appropriate Congressional Committees to launch a full investigation. The NLRB must carry out its important mission of ensuring union elections are conducted freely and fairly. Regrettably, this independent agency has consistently come under political attack from Members of Congress and candidates for President who want to make it harder for workers to organize. 
 "The fact that this effort was reportedly being orchestrated by a high-profile employee of the Board is completely unacceptable. NLRB members and staff should serve as referees, striving for the fairest possible outcome and ensuring rules are followed and enforced. This Inspector General’s report suggests Member Flynn used his prior position to choose sides, bolstering big business at the expense of workers and their fundamental rights. Congress should get to the bottom of this and hold all wrongdoers fully accountable.”
Pressure has been building on Congress ever since, and now Senator Harkin, chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee has announced he's launching a probe into the alleged ethics violations.

We're glad to see members of Congress taking these allegations seriously and we'll be keeping you posted on the developments as they occur.

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