Apr 19, 2012

With Fresh & Easy faltering, Tesco's U.S. expansion plans are scaled back

Word is out that Tesco, the British grocery giant who expanded into the U.S. driving a non-union, all-self-checkout vision for its stores here, is scaling back its U.S. expansion plans.

The Fresh & Easy stores Tesco has opened here have not been nearly successful as the company had hoped - in large part because of a refusal to work collaboratively with communities and workers to make these stores truly positive forces in the community.

Workers and community allies have been
trying to help Tesco fix its Fresh & Easy stores
As USA Today explains, 
"British grocery chain Tesco, which predicted it would become one of the largest grocers in the U.S. when it started opening its first Fresh & Easy stores five years ago, announced a far less ambitious plan for its growth and profitability Wednesday.  
"Tesco initially planned to have about 200 Fresh & Easy locations by 2009 but has continually revised down its projections in the last several years. Earlier this year, it announced plans to close 12 underperforming stores.  
"Tesco had also predicted Fresh & Easy would be profitable by early next year; it now says it will take about a year longer."
Click here to read the full article from USA Today on Tesco's change of course. 

And to learn more about the campaign to improve Fresh & Easy so the stores can be successful in the U.S., check out the Fix Fresh & Easy campaign on Facebook.

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