Apr 9, 2012

Yet another issue with self-checkout: increased theft risk

We've discussed the impact of self-checkout on retail jobs - and how that impact poses a threat to one of the few growing sectors of our economy. Now, from USA Today, comes a report that increased use of self-checkouts is connected with a spike in intentional and unintentional theft - up to five times more than when cashiers are working. Talk about a threat to the retail industry.

Risk of theft is up to five times less when cashiers are on duty at a checkout -
not to mention the friendly service they provide!

According to USA Today, at least two major grocery chains - Albertson's and Big Y - have abandoned self-checkout, in part due to the theft rates associated with the technology. Check out the full story here, and follow UFCW online for more news on self checkout and the retail industry in general.

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