May 22, 2012

NLRB Orders New Union Election at Valley Stream Target

Great news in the ongoing fight for working families: a National Labor Relations Board administrative law judge has overturned the questionable union election that took place last year at the Valley Stream Target in Long Island. Citing unfair labor practices, the judge's decision means a new and fair election will be held.

Target workers sticking together

Unsurprisingly, Target still denies that it intimidated workers for months leading up to the vote.

The Valley Stream workers seeking to join Local 1500 would have been Target's first employees with a union voice on the job. With 1,700 stores, Target should set an example for American businesses by honoring its employees' right to stick together for better jobs. Target has consistently failed to schedule its  its employees with enough hours, and as it grows as a corporation, it's not sharing that success with its workers.

Workers have stuck together for a long time against Target's anti-worker agenda, and now a judge has finally ruled in their favor. Hopefully this decision to overturn last year's election is the first step towards ensuring Target does not continue down the low-road path that Walmart has taken.

Using scare tactics to derail an election is not acceptable. The fact that the Valley Stream store closed this April for "renovations" (without a license for construction mind you) is certainly shady, and we suspect it is in retaliation for the unionization vote last year. In fact, fliers threatening store closure if the vote were to be "yes" were posted around the store before it took place. Prior to the election, the store also barred employees from wearing pro-union buttons, and said anyone who spoke of unionization would be fired. What happened to free speech?

 Target claims that until it reopens, the Valley Stream employees can transfer to other stores, but that is cold comfort to someone who can't travel to another location.

With this good news to motivate workers even more, we will continue as always to fight for the rights of working families, in Valley Stream and across North America.

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