Jun 4, 2012

Moms are the Magic Behind Macy's Action Events

During the week of Mother's Day, Macy's workers from seven stores across the Seattle metro area held several action day events in support of the "Moms are the Magic" campaign. Workers came together to rally for a better contract and meet with Macy's management to discuss ways to make Macy's jobs better jobs not just for working mothers, but all Macy's employees.Macy's workers are coming together with management for higher wages, paid time off and sick days as well as more schedule flexibility.

Macy's workers and their families rally together for the "Moms are the Magic" action events. 
"I am standing here with my fellow co-workers and mothers for a fair contract so that I can support my family and stay working at a job that I love," said Sara Knight, a worker at the Macy's in Alderwood, WA.
To stand together and send a strong message to management, working Macy's mothers, grandmothers and children of Macy's workers spoke at the events and handed out flyers and roses to Macy's customers. Workers and their supporters also stood outside of their Macy's stores with yellow balloons and signs that said, "Moms are Magic."

A video of all of the "Moms are the Magic" actions can be viewed here.

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