Jun 15, 2012

President Joe Hansen applauds Obama's commitment to young immigrants

In the fight for comprehensive immigration reform, there was a huge breakthrough today as the Obama administration announced it will stop deporting undocumented youth who entered the United States as long as they pose no security threat, have a clean criminal record, and demonstrate a commitment to the United States through either military service or successful academic performance. UFCW President Joe Hansen issued the following statement in response to the announcement:
"President Obama today made an important investment in the American dream for thousands of hard-working immigrant students and veterans by removing the threat of deportation and creating a clear path to full civic and economic participation for promising young people.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of high performing children of immigrants who were raised in the United States—including honor roll students, star athletes, and aspiring teachers, doctors, lawyers and U.S. soldiers—graduate from high school. Despite their academic achievements, they have been effectively barred from contributing fully to our communities. Today, thanks to President Obama’s bold leadership, the threat of deportation has been lifted for those aspiring American dreamers.

President Obama is embracing these promising students and soldiers who have demonstrated a commitment to hard work and a strong desire to be upstanding members of our society.

The UFCW, the voice for workers in the food and retail industries, is proud of the thousands of young immigrant activists who have organized into one strong, clear voice for fairness. They are weaving the unique fabric of American society - hard work, entrepreneurship, loyalty to country, ingenuity and invention. We are proud to stand with them, and with President Obama, as we work together to bring hope and a brighter future for every worker in our country."
Instead of spending taxpayer money shuttling non-violent, promising young people out of our borders, hopefully that money will now be better spent on things like going after greedy companies who believe themselves to be above labor laws.

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