Jun 25, 2012

What Has Obama Ever Done for...the Middle Class?

At a time when workers are under attack by big corporations, special interests, and their cronies in government, President Obama has been an unyielding friend to working men and women. He has stayed true to the vision he outlined to the UFCW nearly four years ago. He is the only candidate for President in 2012 that has our interests at heart. 

Despite what the opposition is saying, President Obama has taken great leaps and bounds to improve the quality of life for the middle class in our country:

  • Created White House Task Force on Middle Class Working Families, which aims to expand education and lifelong training opportunities, improve work and family balance, and restore labor standards, including workplace safety.  It also lists helping to protect middle-class and working-family incomes and protecting retirement security among its other goals.

  • Took steps to lower the interest rates on student loans and make college more affordable, and continues to push the Stop the Rate Hike Act of 2012, which would stop the loan percent interest rate from doubling to 6.8 for more than 7 million students and former students with Stafford loans.

  • Instituted mortgage relief for families in danger of losing their homes through no fault of their own. Recently, long-term mortgage rates have fallen to the lowest they have been since the 1950's, helping to drive a modest recovery in the housing market.

It's time for President Obama's critics to look at the facts.  The President has served as a continuous ally for the working people of America by looking out for their well-being, striving to make sure our country's middle class can succeed. To read more about what President Obama has done for to help the middle class, and what we must do to make sure he has four more years in office to finish his work, check out VoteUFCW.org.

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Unknown said...

WOW! I had no idea he had done all that. I sure feel like he is representing my best interests now......Hope you caught the sarcasm. I don't see anything on this list that is of any substantial value whatsoever. He took steps? Gee I feel so much better as an employee now. This page is a joke and our president is a joke. Signed: