Jul 9, 2012

What has Obama Ever Done for...Wall Street Reform?

At a time when workers are under attack by big corporations, special interests, and their cronies in government, President Obama has been an unyielding friend to working men and women. He has stayed true to the vision he outlined to the UFCW nearly four years ago. He is the only candidate for President in 2012 that has our interests at heart. 

Despite what the opposition is saying, President Obama has taken great leaps and bounds to improve the quality of life for the working class in our country, part of which involved taking steps to reform Wall Street:

  • Passed most significant financial reform law since the Great Depression so Main Street is protected from Wall Street
  • Addressed issues that led to the financial crisis including regulation of large banks and derivatives, provided for greater consumer protections, and curbed executive pay
  • Required the Federal Reserve to cap the amount of money banks can charge retail food stores for “swipe fees”―fees on debit cards used by customers, which require payments from the stores to banks―leaving retail food stores with more revenue
It's time for President Obama's critics to look at the facts.  The President has served as a continuous ally for the working people of America by looking out for their well-being, striving to make sure our country's middle class can succeed, by starting at the top to ensure our financial system is fair and in good hands. To read more about what President Obama has done for to reform Wall Street, and what we must do to make sure he has four more years in office to finish his work, check out VoteUFCW.org.

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