Aug 30, 2012

Congrats to Jonathan Larkin - UFCW member and the next AZ State Legislator!

Congratulations to Jonathan Larkin, pharmacy technician at Fry's Food and Drug, UFCW steward and U.S. Marine - and now, Arizona State Representative-Elect!

Explaining on his campaign Facebook page why he ran for state legislature, Jonathan says, "Not that long ago when I was in Iraq with other Marines[, w]e fought and died for something more than coming back to politicians bickering with each other; instead of fighting for jobs, saving our homes, and better schools for our kids. That's why there's no time left for partisan bickering, and why I'm going to work to end it."

Sounds like the the right man for the job! Larkin wants to focus on "Getting Real About Jobs" by investing in education and helping small business. Additionally, he believes in protecting the state's public employees, such as firefighters, police, and teachers. As a union member, Jonathan knows how important these workers are to our communities.

Now that Jonathan has been elected, with the help of UFCW Local 99 and the support of all of Arizona's unions, we're sure he'll do great things for the working people of the state, and hopefully inspire other politicians around the country to do the same.

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