Aug 17, 2012

Hyatt Hurts

Workers at Hyatt are banding together to speak out against the hotel chain.  Why, you ask? Because they are fed up with unsafe working conditions, and unfair labor practices.  That's why UNITE HERE has created an online campaign to vote Hyatt the Worst Hotel Company.

One of the main focuses of this campaign is spotlighting Hyatt's leading role in the abuse of  housekeepers, as well as other hotel workers.

The long list of abuses includes:
  • replacing longtime employees with minimum wage temporary workers
  • imposing dangerous workloads 
  • in Indianapolis, firing the subcontractor of workers who filed a lawsuit for not getting paid for all of the hours they worked
  • urging housekeepers to clean up to 30 rooms in an hour, leaving only 15 minutes to clean each room- which requires rushing that can lead to serious injury and even permanent disability
  • In a first for the hotel industry, Hyatt provides a working environment that warranted a warning letter from OSHA about the hazards its housekeepers face on the job, as well as 18 health and safety citations and 3 against one of Hyatt's Housekeeping subcontractors, with over $100,000
  • having the highest housekeeper injury rate of all housekeepers studied in a study by American Journal of Industrial Medicine
  • taking a lead role in lobbying against legislation in California that would make housekeeping work safer
Hyatt workers are responding to this deplorable treatment by taking a stand. They are speaking publicly about abuses, going on strike, and now, launching a global boycott of the hotel chain, until they win fair treatment and safer working conditions.

At the Rally UFCW 1657 Birmingham Al
Workers sticking together for their rights
To see more about the campaign, and how you can help, go here, or to

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