Nov 9, 2007

SCHIP: Hope for children endangered by President Bush

Every child in the United States should have access to adequate health care, regardless of whether or not their parents are fortunate enough to have employer-provided insurance or are wealthy enough to purchase private insurance. This commonsense statement is supported by a significant majority of Americans, cutting across party and ideological lines—Americans believe that all children should have health care coverage.

Unfortunately such popular wisdom is lost on President Bush who, on October 3rd vetoed a bipartisan measure that would have extended health care to some 3.8 million uninsured children, under the State Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Bush was able to muster enough support for his out-of-touch position within the US House, which failed, by thirteen votes, to override his veto.

Since falling short in their attempt to overcome Bush’s veto members of Congress from both parties have been working to craft a new SCHIP expansion measure (HR 3963). The new SCHIP bill seeks to find common ground with Republican opponents of the vetoed measure and to answer criticisms from the administration, while still promising a substantial increase in the number of children covered by the program.

Despite these adjustments the Bush Administration and the Republican leaders in Congress have remained steadfast in their opposition to SCHIP expansion and another Bush veto is likely.

The health of American children is too important to play politics with. Urge your member of Congress to support the expansion of SCHIP!

Keep the pressure on Bush, and build the UFCW’s power by becoming a Volunteer in Politics Today!


Hank said...

It is unrealistic to fund this health program ... which I support ... with money from tobacco taxes. It just doesn't make sense! Think about it. Everything the government has done is done to discourage people from smoking. Smoking is, in fact, on the decline. This trend will no doubt continue ... where then does the money come from for SCHIP? Fund it with tobacco dollars now, you have BIG problems later on!

Nicole said...

You are absolutely right. All children have an equal rights. They are our futures hope and that should not be forgotten. Sometimes, those who are less fortunate are those who are much more willing to go to school than those wealthy or fortunate that just wasting their money out of nothing. This is not possible that all will be given such opportunity but at least this should not be forgotten and should still be implemented.


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