Jan 4, 2008

Iowa Youth Turnout Almost Triples

This is not our father's democracy.

While it is still unknown who will win the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations, it's clear young voters are taking their role in selection more seriously than ever.

The number of young voters participating in 2008 caucuses were nearly triple that of 2004 numbers according to a study released by the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE).

CIRCLE reports the turnout rate amoung eligible 18-to-29-year olds at more than 56,000 voters or 11 percent, an increase from 4 percent in 2004. The statistics are based on total number of Republican and Democratic voters

This increase is a continuance of a trend starting with the 2004 presidential election and growing further in the 2006 congressional elections.

"Younger Americans are dong their part, registering to vote, paying more attention to issues and politics, and now turning out for the Iowa caucuses, " said CIRCLE Director Peter Levine. "Now it is up to political leaders to reach out to younger Americans and run campaigns that address there issues and concerns."

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luan said...

All of us must have concern in our own country. This is our obligation as a citizen, that's good to know that Young Americans were doing their part. Keep it up.

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