Mar 4, 2008

Obama, Clinton and the Texas Two-Step

Contrary to what it sounds like on news broadcasts heard/read ‘round the world, Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will not “dosado” or “promenade” today.

The Texas Two-Step is not a move Obama will bust on Ellen.

The primary elections today see the heavy-hitting Senators battling for delegates in Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island. How exactly the delegates get dolled out is as mysterious as why high school phys-ed classes still devote a lesson to square dancing.

The basics: there are 370 delegate votes at stake in today’s primary.

The Lonestar state, though, awards delegates in a two-step process, which could ultimately have the winner of the popular vote receive fewer delegates.

Here’s how it works – Two thirds of Texas’ delegates (126) will be awarded based on primary voting. The remaining third (67) will be awarded based on caucuses.

The caucuses have been Obama’s stage. The former community organizer excels in these grassroots-based type events. His message Yes We Can resonates loudest at these gatherings. Still confused? Watch this video from the Washington Post explaining the process.

No one argues that Obama has a delegate lead over Clinton, but delegate calculators vary in what the exact lead maybe -- reports vary from a 110-vote lead to a 160-vote lead.

Ohio’s vote delegates are split as well. The Buckeye state awards 92 from district-based voting and 49 based on statewide results.

Many pundits say Texas and Ohio are not only must-win, but must-win-by-a-landslide in order for Clinton to remain in the race.

So where are we going? What do we want to change and how can we change it? It’s yet to be decided. In the mean time…

Honor your Corner, Swing to the Left and run as fast as you can to the nearest polling station. Nothing will change if we don’t vote.

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Jillian said...

This was long time a go it's been years and now a new election will be happen again. And for sure there's a lot of promises again by the the aspiring candidates on election. President Obama for sure will be one of them I am curious what will be his platforms that different on his platform before.


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