Mar 5, 2008

Barack Obama: The American Dream Candidate

Today, Change To Win released the latest in an ongoing series of American Dream Surveys, tracking how America's workers see the future of the American Dream.

If you want the raw data, here's a link to the survey topline in PDF format. But if you just want an executive summary, here's a few of the most interesting findings...

    More voters than ever think the American Dream is at risk: In September 2007, 70% of those we surveyed agreed with this sentiment; today, that figure is up to 74%.

    More voters than ever think the current administration's policies have made things worse: Back in September, 57% of respondents said that the Bush Administration's policies had made the American Dream harder to achieve; today that figure is up to 65% -- nearly two out of three.

    Voters see Barack Obama as the candidate of the American Dream: in a three-way race with Hillary Clinton and John McCain, a plurality of respondents (31%) say that Barack Obama has the best vision for restoring the American Dream. Strikingly, John McCain comes in second in the three-way matchup, with 22%; Clinton trails with 18%.

    Voters see Barack Obama as the candidate least influenced by corporations and CEOs: In a two-way matchup between McCain and Obama, 39% of respondents describe McCain as more influenced by big business, compared to just 19% for Obama. When Obama is replaced by Clinton in the matchup, voters are closely divided, with 33% saying Clinton is more influenced by big business compared to 30% for McCain.

For a more detailed summary, here's a memo laying out the survey's key findings, also in PDF format.

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krish said...

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