Mar 24, 2008

War in Iraq Claims Victim #4,000

At the end of last week Americans marked the 5th anniversary of the war in Iraq, and sadly over the weekend another milestone was reached: the 4,000 American was killed during the war.

In October 2004, the UFCW mounted a banner on the side of its national headquarters, maintaining a count of the number of soldiers killed and wounded in Iraq. For the families of those who have fallen, we mourn your loss. For those who have been crippled and maimed in the service of their country, we honor your heroism and support you in your struggle.

We have placed a display here at the corner of K St. NW and 18th St. NW in Washington D.C. Every day we will update the count of American losses in Iraq so that corporate lobbyists and the foreign policy think tanks that dominate the canyons of K St. NW as well as the leaders around the corner at the White House and up the hill in Congress will always remember the impact of the policies that they advocate and the decisions that they make.

In Washington, the war in Iraq may be a matter of policy and politics. In working America, the war in Iraq is a matter of life and death, human sacrifice and suffering. The UFCW will never forget. We want to make sure that those in power never forget either.

For a soldier's view of the war, check out Jon Soltz’s blog. Soltz served tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan before founding the organization

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luan said...

How many blood needs to be poured on the ground? How many mourn they must hear? I hate it, when it can be peace but still they make war.
I hope sooner everywhere will be a better place to live at.

Lulu from tĂȘte de lit