Mar 19, 2008

Support is Key for Local 400 and 27 Contract Talks

The contract between UFCW Local 400 and Giant and Safeway stores expires in little more than a week, and Safeway is already running an ad for temporary employees "in preparation for a possible labor dispute."

Union officials say the talks have been slow, with the grocery companies insisting on give backs the union considers unacceptable. You can read more about the issues in today's Washington Post.

Members of local 400 and 27 have distributed stickers for all of their members to wear, displaying their unity and strength. And they've put together a video explaining the sticker program and the importance of signaling their unity.

There are several other ways to show support for the Local 400 members, including downloading and printing cards of support to hand to your local grocery workers, volunteering to pass leaflets outside your neighborhood store or writing a letter to the management of the store where you shop. Many people have already signed up to help. Sign up here to show community support.

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