Apr 9, 2008

Congressmen: Probably dead if born in Columbia

Columbia has not been kind to labor organizers. Thirty-nine unionists were murdered in 2007 and are being killed at a rate of more than one per week in 2008.

U.S. Representatives, Phil Hare and Michael Michaud, both union members, guess in their blog this week, "If we had been born in Columbia, we would probably be dead."

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The blog comes on the heels of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi's manuveurs to block the bill from coming to vote. As it was sent to the House from President George W. Bush, the agreement had to be voted on within 90 days. Pelosi believes the members of Congress should have their own timetable in which to review the bill and has stymied the administration's efforts at moving the trade agreement more quickly.

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luan said...

It must be something alarming if I were the congressman. Well, if someone is adore and loved by the people ~ this line will not be told so.

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