Apr 8, 2008

Support UFCW Local 1518

The upcoming April 10 strike vote has apparently rattled a number of Save-On managers. Union members are reporting that managers are pulling them aside one at a time, and harassing and pleading with them on the approaching strike vote.
Union members have described managers calling them in to the office, talking to them about the strike vote, and otherwise trying to use the authority of their manager's positions to undermine union members' right to vote.

It is clear that Overwaitea are scared of their employees having a voice, and scared of them expressing that voice by participating in the strike vote.

Overwaitea management has been caught starting rumours and spreading false information about the strike vote, about picket pay, telling union members not to show up for the vote, and even going so far as telling blatant lies in an attempt to agitate union members, all in the desperate hope that members will not exercise their right to vote.

Once again, all union members are encouraged to go to the union website for accurate information about what is happening in negotiations, including information on the April 10 strike vote (April 9 for converted PriceSmart members).

The key issues for union members remain good wage improvements, getting rid of Grid B and providing equal opportunity for all, and getting rid of Overwaitea's threat to convert stores to a cheaper contract (PriceSmart).

Overwaitea and Safeway members can click here for information and details on next week's strike votes.


Jillian said...
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sandra789 said...

The key issues for union members remain good wage improvements, providing equal opportunity for all. These are just few things that an employee entitled to have and privileged to experience on working in every company. So why other company banned this organization if some of them had experience same goal that the org wants to fight for.


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