Aug 25, 2008

Mobilize the Polls

Are you 18 in ’08? What’s the most important issue to you? Is it gas prices, health care insurance, the war or education? This election may be one of the most important elections in history and every eligible person to vote should vote. So, are you registered to vote? Time is running out and the general elections are right around the corner. Click here, to register to vote. Fill it out and you MUST print it out and mail it in to your designated state/local board of elections! You can confirm that you are registered to vote by clicking here.

Although it is your rightful duty as a citizen to vote, you do not have to stop there. You could also help your fellow citizens at the polls by volunteering to be a poll worker. Mobilize the Polls Program is aiming to recruit at least 500 poll workers under the age of 30 for the 2008 Presidential Election. In the past elections, young people have been criticized for not showing up to vote. But, that can change in this election. In fact, the number of young people registered to vote has already increased dramatically. But, we can do better than only being registered. Generation Y can be registered, show up to vote and volunteer to work the polls! So, how about it? With the new technologies that are being explored to enhance the voter experience this year, you know they could use our tech savvy abilities. To find out how to be a poll worker, click here.