Aug 26, 2008

Obama and Biden

Did you get the text? Early, Saturday morning around 3:00, thousands of Obama supporters received that much awaited news of his VP choice. Were you surprised that it was Delaware (D) Senator Joe Biden? Watch Obama introduce his VP.

A choice of wisdom. Choosing your VP is one of the most important decisions any presidential candidate will have to make. Biden compliments Obama which makes Obama’s decision a plus for him. Biden will bring 35 years of Senate experience, foreign policy experience and could actually appeal to the blue collar states.

Obama isn’t your typical Presidential candidate and Biden isn’t you typical VP. Take a look at why Biden appealed to Obama and will potentially appeal to you. As the DNC is kicked off this week, be sure to watch our Democratic leaders speak to America!

If you were running, who would you pick?

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mfschne said...

Dear UFCW - do you think were a bunc of idiots? You support Obama and ask us to. Did you know that some of us are Nurses. You know saving lives, caring for the sick and yes that means life at every stage..even at conception. Are you seriously asking nurses to vote to abortion candidates? Did you know that Obama supports infanticide? You know about his vote to deny the right to life of children who survive abortion don't you. So if you support him you must support that. And what about his association with William Ayers- a man who bombed the pentagon? Get serious, and start thinking about the fact that you're here because you mother and father had more than you and didn't abort you!

mschpmnk said...

I received the text at 3:36 am and it woke me up. I didn’t know too much about Biden then but after reading his credentials, I think that Obama made a good choice. Biden possesses all the skills and experience that Obama may be lacking in. Biden balances it out which makes for a winning team. I think that together, the two will happily serve America as a whole…as we are one nation all in the pursuit of happiness and the American Dream.