Oct 30, 2008

McCain's "Health Care" Plan: Downright Spooky

If ghosts and goblins have got your heart racing this Halloween, you'd do well to steer clear of John McCain's health care plan. You might just die of fright.

At this point in the election season, it is hard to take in all of the information about the candidates. But if one thing grabs your attention let it be this: McCain's plan to tax health insurance benefits is fundamentally flawed, scary, SCARY change.

If you've got good health insurance from your employer, under his plan, you'd be taxed on the dollar value of your coverage. To make this sound better, McCain offers a $5,000 tax break that sounds pretty good at first until you start to realize most plans are way more than $5,000. Plus, who is to say they won't just get rid of that tax break a few years down the road once the employer-provided insurance system has been dismantled?

Above: Check out the new video from Health Care for America Now

If you don't have insurance, good luck getting any if you've got any pre-existing conditions. It's already bad enough trying to get care. Do we really need to make it worse?

Barack Obama has made health care reform a priority. He's got a real plan for making sure American's receive the care they need-- and it doesn't involve you paying hundreds more in taxes or trying to negotiate on your own with your insurance company.

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