Mar 17, 2009

Gallup Poll finds Public For Employee Free Choice

A new Gallup Poll finds that Americans support Employee Free Choice by a wide margin. Of Americans polled, 53% favor the law; 39% oppose it.

Big business has been screaming itself hoarse over the "evils" of Employee Free Choice--and this is the result? Perhaps Americans realize that CEOs and greedy corporations aren't exactly the most trustworthy messengers right now. Perhaps they realize that Employee Free Choice would help expand the middle class and get our economy back on track. Perhaps that's what most Americans would like--a level playing field.

Whatever the reason, Employee Free Choice opponents are starting to lose the war of words. So far, much of their argument against the bill has been a panicked call to "save our secret ballots," even though the Employee Free Choice Act would preserve the right to a secret ballot--just putting that choice in workers' hands, not CEOs. As AFL-CIO Chief Lobbyist Bill Samuel told Politico:

That argument is not going to hold up when senators see that the secret ballot
is still an option for workers...Now they are shifting their argument,
saying unions are bad for the economy. I don’t think that holds up since a
lot of economists, including [White House adviser] Larry Summers, are saying
collective bargaining helps spread prosperity across the economy.

The new Gallup poll shows that overall, Americans seem to feel the same way--that unions are good for the economy, and good for America.

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