Mar 20, 2009

UFCW Members and Workers to Visit Congress Tuesday

On Tuesday, UFCW members and other workers from across the country will be visiting the halls of Congress to speak with their elected officials and urge the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act.

Throughout the day, workers will be visiting their respective elected officials to share their stories about forming a union in the workplace, and to urge them to make the passage of the critical bill a priority.

Many of the workers have experienced firsthand the disappointment of being unable to join a union, despite the fact that a majority of they and their co-workers wanted to join one. Darlene Bruzio and her co-workers at Giant Eagle grocery store in Pennsylvania lost their union election, despite having majority support at work, because of employer interference. She said:

When you have more 80% support like we did at my store and still lose an election, you know that the system is broken. Congress has to realize that and pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

Another grocery worker, James Satler, is a former Fresh and Easy worker from California who says he was fired for trying to organize a union at his workplace:

I believe that if Congress really cares about fixing the economy, it should pass Employee Free Choice because it will allow us to have better wages and benefits. Our economy is stronger when more American workers have more money to spend.

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