Apr 30, 2009

Walmart Workers for Change

Walmart workers from across the nation are converging today on Capitol Hill for a National Organizing Meeting to brief Senators about wages, benefits and the Employee Free Choice Act. Nearly 100 Walmart workers from 17 states are participating in the event. As part of their campaign for a union voice on the job, they're urging lawmakers to level the playing field for working people by supporting the Employee Free Choice Act.

"I made the trip into Washington DC to stand with my fellow Walmart workers and to urge my Senators to pass the Employee Free Choice Act," said Dominique Sloan a Dallas, Texas, Walmart worker:
We need change in this country. All you have to do is look at how all the money goes to CEOs. But when it comes to workers, its always the same, no health care or health care thats too expensive and low wages. We need to change that.
The National Organizing Committee is made up of Walmart workers from Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Despite Walmart's well-documented history of anti-working-family activities, workers say they are excited by the election of Barack Obama, excited that the President says it's not too much to ask Walmart to pay decent wages and provide good health care, and excited that the Employee Free Choice Act can help bring the change that helps workers and makes Walmart live up to its responsibilities.

"I have three boys, and I had to get Florida Kids Care to cover their medical", says Cheryl Guzman, a Walmart worker from Miami:
It's either you eat, or you have medical coverage, and that's not right. That's why I'm part of Walmart Workers for Change.
Ten workers recently shared their stories in a new video, released earlier this week. Workers from the National Organizing Committee will be available to the press today after a Capitol Hill briefing at 10 a.m., in 328 Russell Senate Office Building.

Walmart Workers for Change is a new campaign made up of thousands of Walmart workers joining together to form a union and negotiate better benefits, higher wages, and more opportunity for a better future. The campaign is a project of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW). The UFCW represents 1.3 million workers nationwide, with nearly one million working in the supermarket industry, and with many members working at national retail stores such as Bloomingdales, Macys, H&M, Modells Sporting Goods, Saks Fifth Avenue, RiteAid, CVS, and Syms.

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George Boston Rhynes said...

No Money For Wal-Mart: Until American Workers Are Respected and Responded To. Store #2615, Valdosta, Georgia

On March 20, 2008, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Terminated a Sporting Goods Department Manager at Store #2615 even though Wall-mart never provided the four-week training required for department managers.


Moreover, Wall-Mart refused to answer one question asked of them during a so-called thorough, and final investigation conducted by persons UNKNOWN in a letter without a signature or authority line. Why would they to this?

Questions still NOT answered by Wall-Mart Stores #2615 or President and CEO? It seems that American Shoppers have made Wal-Mart A god beside God, and they answers to NO one?

a. How could a thorough investigation be conducted without one interview from the primary person involved? (ME) Was my side of the story reviewed and investigated? Did Wal-Mart provide valid responses to any of my questions in their Final Investigation letter—a year later?

s. Did Wall-Mart think that I would simply bury my head in the sand like the legend concerning the ostrich bird and pretend that wall-mart is a god beside God and answers to no one. Perhaps like hundreds or thousands of other wrongfully terminated Wall-Mart Employees? No way, and this is just the beginning....

Former Wal-Mart (UNTRAINED)Sporting Goods Department Manager
Retired United States Armed Forces Veteran

George Boston Rhynes said...

After three years nothing has changed and people are still being mistreated as workers in China or in some other Third World Nation! How Sad?

Hello! Hell1! Heaven is too high for misinformation about Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Moreover we must be aware of those that cannot see the sun of reality in 2011.

Please get all the facts and don't be stupid. Listen to them--yes! But then do your own research and get the "REAL TRUTH."

Just ask your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother friend, neighbor down the street, or a common enemy----abut their own real world experiences concerning Wal-Mart.

Again, please, do not be made a fool of in 2011! The proof is not always in the putting. Too often, it is stored away in lies and misinformation in the mind of the mind controllers. So, please, always without exception listen, and follow real people like your own family members and love ones. Just keeping it real and providing the facts as all will see!

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