May 11, 2009

Would You Wear a Dorky, Anti-Worker Wristband?

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't wear this dorky thing. I mean, we believe in capitalism--in fact, I'm sure most Americans do. However, as most of us are workers and are happy to go to work for a paycheck, we feel we don't really need to wear a daily shout out to capitalism around our wrists, you know? Especially since the captains of industry haven't exactly been doing a stellar job lately.

Oh, and also, we don't really want to fund the increasingly desperate opponents of Employee Free Choice who will do anything to get a few bucks for their anti-worker campaign. (Hint: scroll down to the very bottom of the page.)

Just sayin'.

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George Boston Rhynes said...

Heven Hi!

I appreciate all the hard work you are putting in to highlight Wal-Mart ill policies, guidelines, and mistreatment of workers. I too was a victum of America's largiest retail giant., George Boston Rhynes, Retired United States Armed Forces Military Veteran