Jul 23, 2009

In the Time It Takes to Get Health Care Reform...

The GOP strategy seems to be slow down on health care reform. On today's Morning Joe I watched House Republican Leader John Boehner saying that we should wait until next year, to start over with a bipartisan bill. What if everyone approached things the way the GOP is approaching health care?

Universal health care coverage in America has been put off and put off and put off since at least the Truman administration. In his stirring contribution to Newsweek last week, Senator Ted Kennedy said that he first began fighting, in the Senate, for universal coverage in 1973.

In the time the GOP has taken fighting health reform since 1973:

Hank Aaron broke the Babe's career home run record.

John Travolta went from Vinnie Barbarino to Vincent Vega.

Remember the Brontosaurus?

Stephen Kings entire career as a novelist.

We got friggin' lasers to scan the price of our food.

A brilliant man started using a record player as an instrument, creating a whole new genre of music.

Platform shoes have come into style and gone out of style.

We've eliminated a planet from our solar system.

Platform shoes have come into style (again).

The Sears Tower, the Trump Tower, the Stratosphere Tower, The New York Times Building, Bank of America Plaza, Wells Fargo Plaza, and the Comcast Center have been completed.

The Godfather become a Trilogy (okay, in the case of Part III that might be a bad thing, but I will take anyone who says an ill word about Part II to the mat).

Barry Bond's broke Aaron's career home run record.

Back then, only one guy had a cell phone.

46 percent of the population of the United States has been born.

The Immaculate Reception has not been replaced as the greatest play of all time.

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