Oct 14, 2009

What Would You Say to Wall Street, UFCW Members?

I read this headline in the Wall Street Journal today: Wall Street On Track To Award Record Pay. I really didn't know what to say. I was literally dumbfounded. Luckily, John Cole over at Balloon Juice had words, and lots of them:

Why doesn't everyone just quit doing what they do and go to work on Wall Street? You clearly don't have to be competent or know anything, because these clowns trashed the economy and then ran around for months yelling hoocoodanode all while taking bailout money. Then, they turn around and take those taxpayer loans at low interest and the taxpayer guarantees, loan them back to the taxpayer at a higher interest rate, collect their vig, call it a profit, and then give themselves billions in bonuses because they are in the black again and happy days are here again.
I'd like to have more words. What do you say, UFCW members? How does it make you feel, seeing that headline as you head to the negotiating table to fight for raises, pensions, affordable health care--just a living wage? What do you want to say to Wall Street?

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DGalassini said...

I Totally agree. Wall-street is full of money grubbing vultures.