Oct 19, 2009

White House Leaves Out-of-Touch Chamber Out of the Loop

What a novel idea. Instead of dealing with the out-of-touch Chamber of Commerce (see: climate change), why not talk directly with the business who actually create jobs and help grow our economy? That's the White House's approach to their relationship with business. As Politico reports:
Since June, senior White House officials have met directly with executives from more than 55 companies, including Chamber members Pfizer, Eastman Kodak and IBM.

“We prefer the approach — particularly in this climate — where the actual people who are on the front lines, running businesses, trying to create jobs, come and advise us on policy,” senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett...

Seems like a pretty good idea. After all, a group Chamber of Commerce is supposed to represent the interests of the business community(see: Nike, Apple, PG&E)--so if they've completely lost touch with the values of modern business, maybe it's time to let them fall by the wayside and deal with the businesses themselves.

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