Nov 10, 2009

Feeding the Hungry

Yesterday, UFCW members and representatives of Smithfield foods got together, along with Paula Deen, to donate one million servings of protein to the Food Bank of New York City. A three-year partnership is expected to give over 20 million servings to food banks across the country.

That this program is going to be giving servings of protein is especially important. Food banks often focus on either purchasing food in bulk or getting donations of bulk goods. Canned foods and carbohydrates preserve well and are easy to get a hold of, but this isn't always the case with meats and other proteins. Additionally, distributing protein takes a good deal more planning due to cool storage space concerns.

As a result, many of the families who rely upon food banks aren't able to get the protein that they need from the food bank. Sometimes, this means going without.

The United Food and Commercial Workers is proud to be partnering with Smithfield to bring this food to needy families as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.

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