Nov 9, 2009

Loose Nukes at Walmart?

Walmart bills itself as the store that has everything--but radioactive tritium? Evidently Walmart uses the material in signs at their stores. We would have never known this--but evidently Walmart didn’t realize that they should KEEP TRACK OF NUCLEAR MATERIAL!

That’s right, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has cited Walmart for failing to keep track of some of their more than 70,000 tritium-containing signs. In addition, Walmart was also cited for failing to dispose of signs properly and failing to dispose of broken or damaged signs properly. All in all – they failed to keep track of or dispose properly of almost 3,000 signs.

According to the article in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, “the NRC requires proper record keeping and disposal of the signs because a damaged or broken one could cause minor radioactive contamination of the immediate vicinity, requiring environmental cleanup.”

Clean up of radioactivity on Aisle 12? H1N1 in the checkout lane?

Good to know I’m at least saving money and living better.

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