Jan 20, 2010

Call your members of Congress. NOW!!!!

You want to talk about the fierce urgency of now? No better time for your Congressman or Senator to hear from you than today. Why? Because we need to make sure Congress doesn't learn the wrong lessons from the MA election yesterday.

When it comes to the need to make good health care affordable, nothing is different today than it was yesterday. Congress must keep going and finish reform right.

We must fix health care now to keep improving our economy. We cannot continue to allow medical expenses to bankrupt our nation’s families and businesses.

Massachusetts has shown that health reform works, with 98% of people covered and insurers not allowed to deny people based on pre-existing conditions. For voters in Massachusetts, the issue was about what they are worried about now - jobs. It wasn't about health care.

We are on track to pass a strong bill in the next few weeks, and we will stay on track until the President signs that bill into law. But you need to let your members of Congress know that the American people still want health care reform! Call right now--this second--it's not too late! Here's the switchboard number: (202) 224-3121.

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