Jan 15, 2010

Sarah Palin Tells Union Members to Reject Improvements to the Health Care Bill

We recently posted about the improvements to the tax portion of the health care bill for all workers which union members helped to make possible. Well, Sarah Palin apparently thinks union members should reject this bill. At first, she Tweeted this:
"Pls pay attention 2 Big Union backdoor deal struck yest w/Big Govt in sweetheart healthcare deal.Call the folks u elected,say NO! UNFAIR.."

Then she apparently remembered she's supposed to be in favor of unions and working people, so she then Tweeted this:
"good,hardworking pro-business UnionMEMBERS should oppose their UnionBOSSES backroom deal on this;unfortunately/unfairly paints all of'm bad."

What do you think? Should union members tell Congress to go back to taxing union health care plans, and dental and vision for all workers? Union members worked hard to make sure all workers could have better health care--should we drop these improvements to make ex-Governor Palin feel better?


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hbl said...

So, what happens to all those in unorganized labor with health care plans? And, professional workers? They are citizens too.