Jan 15, 2010

Unions Help Improve Health Care Bill For All Workers

Union leaders have been working hard behind the scenes for the last few days to improve the health care bill for all working people.

Since they know the so-called "Cadillac Plan" tax would unfairly impact union members who have given up wages and other benefits in order to preserve their health care plans, they've been working with the White House and Congress to improve that part of the health care plan. And it looks like union leaders have helped make significant improvements:

  • Workers covered by collective bargaining agreements, including state and local employees both union and non-union, will be exempted from the tax until 2018.
  • For all workers, the threshold for the tax would be higher for both families and individuals than the Senate bill has proposed.
  • After 2015, dental and vision would not count towards the tax, which means employers will not try to cut costs by cutting dental and vision from health care plans.
This is all great news for union members and non-union workers alike. And it's thanks to union members like you making calls to your members of Congress and putting constant pressure on them, and because of our union leaders working tirelessly with the White House and Congress to get the best health care deal for workers.

But like most things in life - there is still work to be done. The bill still is catastrophic for one in four Americans who work part-time, and puts millions at risk of having their hours reduced so their employer can avoid paying for their health care.
UFCW locals across the country are working hard to lobby Congress and get this dangerous provision changed. Join us, and call your member of Congress. Visit www.fixthebill.org to learn more and take part in our effort.

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