May 21, 2010

UFCW Local 481 President Luisa Acevedo Beaten by Police: Tell the Governor of Puerto Rico that Anti-Worker Actions and Police Brutality Must Stop NOW!

Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno’s anti-worker actions have just taken a turn for the nightmarish.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the governor has signed off on legislation outsourcing tens of thousands of public sector jobs and negating collective bargaining rights—now the police force has brutally beaten, and pepper sprayed UFCW Local 481 President Luisa Acevedo and her son, Frank Pizarro as they were peacefully protesting at a fundraising event for the governor. Both were beaten so badly they required hospitalization, though both have been released and are doing okay now.

You can watch the video of this unbelievable, terrifying scene here. The conflict starts at 1:36 of the footage. (WARNING: the video is disturbing, and does contain violence and some profanity.)

Please help us fight back, for Luisa and Frank and for all the working people of Puerto Rico. Send an email to Governor Fortuno and tell him his brutal anti-worker tactics are unacceptable and must stop NOW.

Things could not be worse for workers in
Puerto Rico right now. The current economic situation is terrible, and the anti-worker legislation passed last year is killing more jobs. Governor Fortuno is placing the burden of the financial situation on the backs of workers and their families, and is preventing unions from doing anything to protect workers. And now this—the brutal beating of a union president and her son.

Enough is enough! Tell Governor Fortuno his anti-worker actions and brutality must end today.

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