May 21, 2010

What just happened?! Financial Friday edition

  • After a lot of ado, the Senate passed a financial reform bill! The bill creates a “financial stability oversight council,” regulates derivatives trading, and give the SEC the power to regulate hedge funds. Now Congress must reconcile this bill with the one the House passed in December. Deja vu?
  • The 300 Shaw's warehouse workers from Methuen, Mass. who were forced out on strike March 7th to protect their jobs and affordable healthcare are planning a 50-day march spanning 60 miles and culminating at the Massachusetts state house.
  • Rand Paul's opposition to regulation by the federal government of almost anything has gotten him in some hot water since he won the Republican nomination for the Senate in Kentucky. Two of areas tripping him up: civil rights and the minimum wage.
  • The National Intelligence Director (spy in chief) resigned today - no replacement has been named no far.
  • President Obama, perhaps tired of waiting for Congress to act on climate change legislation, plans to issue an executive order to strengthen fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks.
  • Facebook is promising a fix to a privacy loophole that allowed advertisers user identification information and other private data.
  • The President this week announced a new agreement to help struggling auto communities and workers, a development that coincided with the release of the first Annual Report of the White House Council on Automotive Communities and Workers.

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unions_suck said...

Actually, we employees of Oaksterdam University were railroaded into signing our Union cards; and threatened with dismissal if we didn't join the Union. We never asked for their support, and were pressured by management into joining Local #5.

Dan Rush is a common scum bag.