Jun 18, 2010

Change to Win launches watchdog site to keep tabs on U.S. Chamber of Commerce

With the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s influence more powerful than ever, the average American citizen’s rights are being compromised. The U.S. Chamber is an organization that represents businesses around the country. While many believe it’s an activist for small business owners, the Chamber’s priorities have transformed from its roots. Greed and power has driven the Chamber to be the epitome of what is wrong with Washington lobbying. With nearly unlimited resources, the Chamber has become practically unstoppable in their drive for influence.

Change to Win has established a new watchdog site that plans on challenging the Chamber to accurately and fairly represent its members. FixtheUSChamber.org hopes to track the chamber’s ludicrous spending and secretive contributors.

The Chamber has continuously used its bottomless pool of resources to lobby against the working class. Consistently supporting Wall Street over Main Street, the Chamber has fought against reforms that would make executive disclosure more transparent, financial statements more consistent, and accounting fraud less widespread.

U.S. Chamber chief CEO Tom Donohue has repeatedly stood up for lucrative bonuses and salaries for executives of struggling corporations. Claiming to be opposed to government bailouts, the Chamber continuously supports and fights for bailed out banks.

The Chamber is a powerful corporate machine that utilizes its resources to fight against the working class. With our nation struggling with one of the worst financial recessions in decades, the chamber has spent unprecedented dollars to fight reform beneficial to the American people. The Chamber conducted a coast-to-coast campaign against health care for all and millions of dollars are currently being spent to hinder climate legislation. One of the largest enemies of Employee Free Choice, the Chamber claims to be representing small business owners. However, recent surveys conducted by Americans Rights at Work (ARAW) have shown that 80 percent of small-business owners believe “strong unions make the free market system stronger.” So exactly who is the chamber representing in its fight against stronger and fairer labor laws?

The Chamber needs to be held accountable to both workers and businesses. Change to Win’s new watchdog site hopes to make the Chamber’s activities and funding more transparent. You can also follow Chamber Watch on twitter @uschamberwatch.

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