Jun 16, 2010

Unionization brings Supervalu workers a sense of security, hope

Workers at the new Pequot Lakes, Minn. SuperValu grocery store, owned by S. & R. Quisberg, Inc., have chosen a real voice at work with UFCW Local 653.

The workers in the 100-member unit expressed their desire to form a union by signing authorization cards and the store owner respected their choice. They join with workers in two Cub Foods stores in the Brainerd area to make S. & R. Quisberg an 100 percent union company.

“By using our existing relationships and the employer's past history with our local and our members, we were able to reach out and help this owner provide good jobs
in a new community,” said Local 653 President Raymond Sawicky.

Mandi Turcotte, 19, who works the front end in the Pequot Lakes SuperValu said having a union gives her security in her job and benefits.

“With my union I feel comfortable making my job a long-term career,” said Turcotte.
“I have security in knowing I’m never alone.”

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Anonymous said...

I had hip replacement and got the forms for disibility insurance, i had every one fill out and sign the forms drs the store the union and myself. i sent thenm a doctors statement when i was disababled and when i may return to work. i gave them all the imfo they needed. ao now i just came out of the hospital. insurance wont pay for rehab so i w3ent home with a nurse and a therapist, seeing me 2 times a week. im homebound now. so then i was told i was approved for 250.00 now i am disabled all they sent me was a check for three sick days. then they sent blue forms to fill out and send back, the same imfornmation i just sent them.the doctors said id be out of work till10/21/2010why dont thy just approve my checks till the date i return, disability insurance pays tyhat. i need help.