Jun 29, 2010

Walmart associates, UFCW join force at US social forum in Detroit

UFCW members and Walmart Associates came together last week at the US Social Forum in Detroit, MI to discuss the impact Walmart has on the lives of working Americans, at a workshop titled "Walmart: Short Term Choices vs. Long Term Reality." The US Social Forum, which brings together over 14,000 activists with concerns on diverse issues ranging from immigration to economic justice to food sovereignty, is a movement building process focused on progressive change.

RWDSU's Retail Action Project members Chimuka N'gandu, Carolina Ferrerya, Romeo Ilboudou, Ahmed Dalhatu, and Leah Danger spoke at two workshops... titled "Low Wages, No Bargain: Resistance in Retail" and "Arresting the Boss: Wage Theft and Organizing Power," which explored innovative strategies to retail organizing and retail worker empowerment.

UFCW Local 5 member Tamara Perine joined three Walmart Associates, brought to the forum by the Wake Up Walmart campaign, to tell workshop participants about the difficulties of working for the company and the need for empowerment on the job, clearly demonstrating the difference between union and non-union retail.

Representatives of the UFCW also participated in workshops hosted by Food and Water Watch and the National Family Farm Coalition.

Walmart associates Ernestine Bassett, Cynthia Murray, and Allen Forrest join Wake Up Walmart activist Sean Stewart at the US Social Forum in Detroit.