Jul 1, 2010

Get involved! Stand with Mott’s workers and support decent American jobs

When executives from Dr. Pepper Snapple are doubling their income while proposing to cut wages at $1.50/hour, something is drastically wrong. Mott’s, a subsidiary of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (DPS), enjoyed $555 million in profits last year. The workers at Mott’s Williamson, New York plant were a crucial part of that success, and they refuse to acknowledge their efforts.

We must all stand with our brothers and sisters at the Mott’s plant to end this corporate greed. There are multiple ways you can get involved and show support for the cause. By visiting www.nobadapples.org you can see what is being done to support the workers at Williamson.

Whether it’s tagging Mott’s products or calling Mott’s at 1-800-426-4891 and voicing your opinion, workers need all the support they can get.

Photos have been uploaded on the site of people tagging Mott’s products with the “bad apple” logo. You can join too. On the site you’re able to download labels and flyers with facts about Mott’s and its executives. Supporters around the country have been taping these facts to Mott’s products at supermarkets and snapping pictures for the site.

Support the cause online. You can participate in the conversation, upload pictures and learn more about the issues by liking RWDSU 220’s Facebook page. Also, hundreds of people have expressed their views on Mott’s Facebook page. Be sure to let Mott’s know how you feel by posting messages or uploading images on their Facebook page.

Please think of how Mott’s is hurting our families, and consider making a different choice when you are shopping for any of these Dr. Pepper Snapple Group products:

Mott's Apple Sauce
Hawaiian Punch
Mr. and Mrs. T Products
Welch’s Grape Juice 64oz
Rose's Lime Juice
Snapple cans
Mott’s Fruitsations
Mott’s Garden Cocktail
ReaLemon / ReaLime
Holland House

Mott’s is only concerned with its bottom while families are hurting and communities are being destroyed. What Mott’s and DPS are doing is not right. We must stand together to fight these atrocious practices and stand up for the rights of workers.


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This union must ask for loans from the people, like in prosper.com .
Have people invest in the union so they can build their own plants. IT is over, if the union does not own their own production facility, is is over, they are done for.