Aug 16, 2010

The Nation: Rotten Apples, Core Values

Take a look at this article on the Mott's strike from the most recent edition of The Nation. It's a very comprehensive look at the strike, the circumstances surrounding it, and its place in the broader context of our country's economic landscape.

A particularly touching excerpt:
"There is a refreshing sense on this picket line that the workers are defending something that is quintessentially American. These are gun fans, proud military veterans and motorcycle riders who find happiness in a job well done—'salt of the earth' people, as one union official described them, as opposed to anti-establishment radicals. One active picketer explained [...] he believed DPS was attacking the 'work ethic' of Local 220's members.

"What this union wants is far from grandiose. Rather, these are Americans for whom Henry Ford–style industry has more or less worked. A company profited handsomely from the hard work of its employees, and in return they could sustain a middle-class income, which they used to shop in the local stores and invest in the rest of the community. In a sense, DPS is warring against an equitable form of capitalism."
Do yourself a favor and read the rest of the Nation article here.

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