Aug 17, 2010

No to Clamato - Down with Caesar!

Mix one part greed with a big dash of corporate bullying, and what you get is the company behind Clamato and the Caesar. That's right - in addition to apple products, Mott's also makes Clamato, that quirky tomato juice-clam broth combo primarily used to make cocktails - like the Caesar (with vodka) or the Chelada (with beer).

Clamato has been on the "please don't buy" list since Mott's, owned by Dr Pepper Snapple, forced 300 of its workers out on strike in Williamson, NY over 3 months ago. But now, Mott's is waging a campaign to have the Clamato Caesar named the national cocktail of Canada. Funny, considering that Clamato isn't even made in Canada, and that leading Canadian officials have recently expressed serious concerns regarding the health and safety risks of Mott’s beverages in light of the company’s use of untrained, inexperienced temporary workers to replace its highly-skilled workforce currently on strike.

So take a minute today to visit and sign the petition to stop Clamato from being named the national cocktail of Canada. Say “NO to Clamato" and "Down with Caesar” until the DPS and Mott's come back to the bargaining table and negotiate a fair contract for the Williamson workers.

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